How to Achieve Your Goals

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Achieve Your Goals - Starting with a Dream

In the Personal GrowthCommunity, Greg Ausley writes:

Hi everyone!  Greg here.


I am very excited to continue our discussion on the question of "How do I achieve my goals using LifeSpace?".  Last post, I started the discussion on How to Achieve Your Goals and provided an overview of my entire goal setting system that includes "Dream.  Set.  Track.  Share.  Achieve".  I discussed how I use this system in my on life to achieve my own personal goals in all areas include finance, fitness and personal growth.  Today, I want to dive deeper into one important area and discuss how clearly visualizing your dream will dramatically improve the effectiveness of the goal achievement process in your life.  


Visualizing your dream is actually quite important here in achieving your goals.  I am not just talking about day dreaming in some fantasy land.  I am talking about taking the time to visualize exactly how you would like to see your life in the future.  Spending time each day seeing yourself having and being your dream.  Making it feel real!  Lighting a fire in your belly!


Once you have a dream that inspires you, you are ready to get into action.  But I am talking about the kind of dream that gets you up before the alarm clock sounds and keeps you up late at night.  Once you have that fire in your belly will you be able to truly start to understand this important concept:


Your dream determines your goals and your goals determine your action!  No dream?  No clear destination!  With a clearly visualized dream, you will start to get a clear picture of what goals you need to take on.  And you will learn that your goals need to simply be the steping stones that move you closer and closer to your dream.


So start dreaming!  Visualize your dream and see yourself as if it was here right now!  Write it down and read it to yourself every day!  And let it start to drive the goals you take on in your life.  


Here’s to your success!

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