How to Achieve Your Goals

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How to Achieve Your Goals - Dream. Set. Track. Share. Achieve.

In the Personal GrowthCommunity, Greg Ausley writes:

Hi everyone, Greg here.  


I am excited to start to answer the commonly asked question "How do I Achieve My Goals using LifeSpace?" Well I am really excited to teach you how to achieve your goals and will be happy to share my goal setting and goal achievement secrets with you in this LifeSpace Community.  Today I plan to give you an overview of my entire goal setting program and then over the next few posts, will break down some of the specific tips on how to achieve your goals.


If you haven't already done so, I invite you to read my personal story that describes Setting Goals and Achieving Goals in many key areas of my life including Career, Finance, Fitness and Family.  I hope reading this story inspires you!


As you saw in my story above, when it comes to Goal Setting and Achieving Your Goals,  I use my "Dream. Set. Track. Share. Achieve." tool in my own life and I challenge you to take on this powerful achievement tool in your own life as well.


I go into much great depth on this in my Goal Achievement Training Videos but let me break it down for you at a higher level here first.


Starting with "Dream", you need to dream big about your future and where you want to be.  Your dream must create a fire in your belly and it must inspire you to take action!  Your dream determines your goals which determine your actions.  So make sure you have your dream identified clearly first.


Next is "Set", meaning you need to set goals that move you closer to your dream and you need to set a goal plan in each goal that has all the steps necessary to accomplish your goals.  I have recorded 20 minute videos on this topic alone, so I promise that I will go into greater detail on setting goals properly in later posts.


Then comes "Track", which helps you stay accountable by logging into LifeSpace daily and journaling about your goal, updating completed tasks, entering numbers and metrics, and altering your timelines as appropriate based on your successes and setbacks.  Another doozie that justifies dedicated training video.


Finally, "Share" is a critical component of success.  You must share your goal with your community, your peers on Facebook and other social media sites and partner up with an Accoutability Partner.  There is so much to discuss related to "Share", but let's start with simply enrolling the world in your goal or project and getting them onboard, supporting you in achieving your goals.


As I mentioned, each area mentioned above justifies a 20 minute video so this is only an overview of How to Achieve Your Goals.  However, with this information alone, you can make more strategic steps in your own goal planning.


I look forward to sharing more about this incredible Goal Achievement Training in the weeks and months ahead.


Here’s to your success!

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